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Seam shop

44 machine seams, 26 manual seams, two kinds of seams, double-pronged, to meet the needs of different customers




Raw materials warehouse

Different raw materials and different warehouses, simplify one.


Electronic Filing in and Out of Storage for Easy Management

Hosiery workshop

More than 800 single-needle/double-needle sock knitting machines with 96-200 needles have an annual production capacity of nearly 50,000,000 pairs.

First inspection workshop

First Quality Inspection: Inspection of Socks Sleeve to Ensure High Qualification Rate

Setting shop

11 sets of domestic and foreign stereotyping machines under different pressures to meet the needs of different customers

Pairing workshop

Include the matching process of the second inspection to ensure the high qualified rate of the product again

Finished goods warehouse

Pallets are placed, moisture-proof and easy to unload.


Increase of efficiency